About Us

Portfolio Law
What sets Portfolio Law apart from the others

Is our commitment to understanding our clients objects, quickly and cost-effectively. At Portfolio Law, we provide excellent, sound and practical legal advice and legal services to individuals, families and business from our offices in Melbourne , and the north-western suburbs of Pascoe Vale and St Albans.

Straight talk

With a combined experience of nearly 100 years, the partners have developed a reputation for lateral thinking mixed with effective and efficient advice based on a higher than average degree of no nonsense commercial awareness throughout Melbourne.

Good people

Even though we are small, chances are that you don’t know all the team at Portfolio Law. They are, to a person, caring, committed, professional, optimistic and energetic. And they love the law. They believe in building customer relationships not just transactions.

Effective advice

The legal process can be complex and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We put you at the heart of all we do and we will do everything to get you the outcome you need. We will work with you, guide you through every step of the legal process, and keep you fully informed about your concerns with best legal services. With us, you will always be in the loop. And best of all, our fees are transparent and reasonable with no hidden surprise.

Prahran Office

Suite 7, Level 2, 1 Grattan Street,
Prahran Victoria 3181
+61 3 9600 2888
+61 3 9600 1925

Pascoe Vale South

412 Bell Street, Pascoe Vale South,
Melbourne Victoria 3044
+61 3 9350 3577
+61 3 9354 4270

St Albans

Suite 12, Level 1, 32 East Esplanade,
St Albans, Victoria 3021
+61 3 9600 2888